Mountain Women of the World (MWW)

It is a collaboration between Women at the Summit from Argentina and Chile, Feminist Hiking Collective from Europe, Empowering Women of Nepal from Nepal, Women Who Hike Africa from Kenya, Kilimanjaro Women from Tanzania and Cholitas Escaladoras from Bolivia.

Regarding the expedition “Women of the World to Aconcagua”, the main objective is to gather mountain women on the Aconcagua hill in Argentina, such as guides, porters, mountain workers, hikers and women who live in mountainous areas, from different countries.
The mission of this women’s expedition is to promote cultural diversity and inclusion as elements of deep richness and shared learning.

We believe that mountaineering is a collaborative experience that builds collective and supportive power. Through this expedition, we want to encourage more women to get involved with the mountain, promoting mountaineering as a tool for collective care, to build humility, resilience, connection, empathy and reciprocity.

Learn more and collaborate with this project. The women involved are mountain workers and come from all backgrounds. Help us to add the resources we need to reunite all these women in Cerro Aconcagua. With your contribution we can make this dream possible!

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